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Your Friendly Wednesday Links Roundup


  • Breaking news! Jaromir Jagr is currently on a plane from the Czech Republic to New York (expected to arrive as early as 3:30 EST). The Pittsburgh Penguins have offered him a 1 year deal, and he is also fielding offers from the Detroit Red Wings and Montreal Canadiens. He should announce his decision this afternoon, even if he can’t sign with a team until July 1st. [SB Nation]
  • Apparently, the Red Wings want former Vancouver Canucks defenseman Christian Erhoff to replace the recently retired Brian Rafalski. At this point, it’s purely speculation. [SB Nation]

Now, all the Ducks (and NHL) news that’s fit to link….

Around the NHL!

  • Kevin Howe, Doug Gilmour, Ed Belfour, and Joe Nieuwendyk have been elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame. Notable snubs include Pavel Bure and Pat Burns. The ceremony will be held on November 14 in Toronto. [TSN]
  • Not to rub salt in the wound, but Brooks Laich is going to be a Cap for a long time. [Russian Machine Never Breaks]