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Ch-Ch-Changes: Time May Change AC

One last time - Earl, Jen, Arthur, stupid Kings' fan, and MVPerry.
One last time - Earl, Jen, Arthur, stupid Kings' fan, and MVPerry.


A couple weeks ago, Arthur and I were sitting in the media room at the NHL Awards, debating on who wanted to go talk to Ryan Kesler about the Selke (I wanted to wait so I didn't miss Ryan vs. Ryan Part Deux...should have gone to Kesler) when he dropped a bomb on me - he was ready to shake things up at Anaheim Calling, and turn things over to a new editor. I won't lie to you, I was PISSED. I believe the words that came out of my mouth were something along the line of "YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME". I begged him to think about it. After Perry won the Hart, he unofficially handed the reigns over to me by saying, "You can handle this, Sticks", and left the media room.

My post from that night sucked. It should have been fantastic, but instead of the overwhelming joy I had for Perry, my brain was frozen. All I could think was, "I am going to have to write for someone else that doesn't get me or give me as much freedom as Arthur had." Somehow, I made this all about me and not the blog - go figure. I was mad at Arthur and shouldn't have been. Finally, somewhere down the line, it dawned on me, instead of bringing in someone from the outside or force Daniel or Robby into the role, why do I just step up and fill his Kariya-loving shoes? And that, I have done (except for the Kariya apologist part - ha!).

Arthur is taking me out to dinner tonight. So I figure that is the official start to my reign at the new Managing Editor of Anaheim Calling. I cannot be more grateful for what Arthur has done for the Ducks' fans and for me. When he brought me in here, I was just second place contestant from a Ducks' contest. He let me blast away and develop my writing style. I think you all can get behind me when I say, thank you Arthur. He's given Ducks' fans a place to play with the big boys in the hockey world. Without his (and Daniel's) dedication, we wouldn't be here. By the way, Arthur is not getting away so easy, I'm sure I can convince him to guest write for us from time-to-time.

I can only hope to continue to serve the Ducks' community the same way Arthur did. I promise, no sweeping changes around here. Our neighborhood curmudgeon, Daniel, and resident Bobby Ryan Fanboy, Robby, are sticking around. Plus we've got a new face, Kristen, coming into the fold. Most likely, as the season gets closer I'll be looking to add another writer or two to the staff. We have some other ideas that will be rolled out in due time.

As we close this chapter in Anaheim Calling's history, it's only fitting I end with a song lyric. From my favorite band 311 and their song "Paradise":

I say we fear no evolution. Stand up musical revolution.
Follow me now, when I say we can never stop, we never give in.
Cuz this is how we breathe and live.
Some of them whine and some of them bitch.
They cannot do it, we never switch.
We do it for ourselves and we do it for you.
If you don't like it well I hope you do.