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You Could Win Something Awesome!


No, seriously, you could. The Hockey News does an annual slow preview where they reveal day-by-day where they believe each team will finish in the conferences, starting at the bottom and revealing one team at a time, starting at the bottom. At Anaheim Calling, we've decided to hold a contest for the person who makes the most accurate prediction. You can find The Hockey News' list here, and the rules for the game after the jump.

So here's how it works: In the comment section write what place you think The Hockey News will put the Ducks in their list and give a brief explanation as to why. The explanation should be in the small paragraph format that they use in their list. The person who gets the right place, and whose analysis is the closest to that of The Hockey News WINS!

What do you win? 1,000 Words on Anaheim Calling covering any topic you want. Obviously, the staff can compete, but they can't win. If there is a tie, we'll split up the word limit. For example, if 2 people win, we'll give you 750 words. If it's 3 people maybe 500 words a piece. If there are several winners, the AC staff will determine the three winners.

Your post will not be subjected to editing [Editrix Note: unless you say something that could get us sued - JN], other than grammar and language. There will also be a disclaimer appearing before your post letting everyone know you are not a member of the staff, and are a contest winner. If there are 3 or more winners, your posts will be grouped into a single post in order to save publication space. Should this occur, no one will get above the jump privileges.

This is meant to be fun folks, so have a good time. Again, if you win your post can be about whatever you want [Editrix Note: within reason - JN].

Best of luck from the AC staff.