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Open Gameday Recap: Kings @ Ducks (Pre-season)


I hate HATE losing (3-1) to the Kings , even if it is preseason. The mouth-breathing Kings fan that sat behind me screaming, "GO MONARCHS" (the Kings minor league team) every five seconds in the third period gave me a headache. I guess there were a lot of minor league players in the lineup like, Mike Richards, Anze Kopitar, and Simon Gagne. Tool.  The other joyful thing he was screaming was the obvious, "OOOH I bet they have Bobby Ryan on the ice. GETZLAF GET OFF THE ICE." Yeah, I get it, we have annoying fans too, but at least we've won something other than a pre-season game. Oh, why must their parents let them out of the attic on game nights?!

Anyway, the rundown (and I am NOT happy)...

The Good-ish (it was a bad game)

-- It's the last preseason game! Well, sort of. At least the next game is an exhibition against Teemu Selanne's former club, Jokerit. Teemu will be allowed to score 23094823 goals.

-- Shocker of the world: the Brandon McMillan - Maxime Macenauer - George Parros line was one of the best on the ice tonight. NO, I'm not joking. If only we could get Scotty Niedermayer to give Parros some skating lessons! He has a hard time keeping up with the speedy kids.

-- I'm really hoping they don't break up the Andrew Gordon (Bombay) - Andrew Cogliano - Devante Smith-Pelly line. I think they're beginning to click.  One thing we know for sure, DSP is going to Finland! He confirmed it via twitter. Now we need to see what happens with Commissioner Gordon.

-- Honda Center was almost completely full tonight. I couldn't believe it. We can't draw crowds like this during the regular season. Final attendance was 16,297.

-- Dan Ellis looked good after coming in for Jonas Hiller midway through the game. He made a couple Hiller-esque saves out there. Hopefully this preseason builds up his confidence going into the season. He's going to have to share the load until the team is convinced that Hiller is back to his normal self.

The Bad

-- I believe we can transition the nickname "Stonehands" from Todd Marchant to Jason Blake. He had a couple breakaway opportunities only to shoot it right into logo on the goalie's jersey.

-- I promised my friends (Nick, Savannah, and Bryan) that I would put this in. They were extremely disappointed to not see: the knucklepuck, the Flying V, or Guy Hebert. I said that stuff only happens during the regular season. Duh.

-- Gotta love Getzy's bad habits rubbing off on other players. For some reason, Lubomir Visnovsky and Cam Fowler decided tonight would be a great time to start no-look passing. Lubo did it at least five shifts in a row.

The Ugly

-- I am ready for Corey Perry, Bobby Ryan, and Ryan Getzlaf to start giving a shit again. Yes, it's the pre-season, but remind us why you're big stars again and why people pay money to come see you. Only to have to listen to Kings fan go on endlessly about how you're sucking. Going -3, again, is awesome. Thanks.

-- Of all people that should show up each game - pre-season or not - is the Captain. Getzlaf was horrendous tonight. He lead the team in giveaways with 3. His bad play lead to all three goals. On the empty net goal at the end, he had every chance in the world to deflect the shot but instead he barely waived at it. You play until the buzzer sounds.