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Open Gameday Thread: Anaheim Ducks @ Calgary Flames

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Anaheim Ducks
@ Calgary Flames

Thursday, Jan 12, 2012, 6:30 PM PST
Scotiabank Saddledome


Radio: AM 830 KLAA

Your Enemy: Matchsticks and Gasoline

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I am not even going to tempt the Gods of Magumbo and talk about the events of the past few games. (I would like to thank Arthur for jumping in while I was on the East Coast.)

Instead, let's celebrate the Ducks one and only All-Star: Corey Perry! It's only right that the reigning MVP makes an appearance. Before some of you get your panties in a knot over not sending Teemu to the ASG, let's consider this: he's 41 years old. The man needs to rest and heal his body over the break. He doesn't need to do all this PR fluff crap for the NHL. Yeah, yeah, last year in the league, but it really is just a feel-good PR event. BOO-RRING. He was also quoted as saying that Perry needed to be the face of the team at the games because of what he did last year.

Back to Perry. He is right up there with Teemu as one of the only reasons to keep watching the Ducks play this season. So, I'll give you my Top 5 Reasons I Love Corey Perry, instead of tempting fate with a preview of tonight's game.

#5 - When the Ducks make the playoffs, he gives me the excuse to use one of my favorite lines from The Soup, "creepy, flesh-colored beard" when describing his playoff beard

#4 - The Corey Perry Interviews Drinking Game. Take a shot every time he says "oh, it's huge" (that's what she said) or mumbles inaudibly. Have 911 on speed-dial

#3 - He had a mullet when the Ducks won the Stanley Cup and it's in all the pictures.

#2 - He went from being the "disposable" part of the RPG line to the most important player.

#1 - Because everyone else hates him

Go Ducks!