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Your Friendly Friday Links Roundup: The Hey Now, You're An All-Star Edition

Did you seriously just ask me if I was getting traded to the Canucks?
Did you seriously just ask me if I was getting traded to the Canucks?

All of your favorite (or second-favorite) players have congregated in Ottawa for a weekend of All-Star debauchery. It will all culminate in a game of shinny on Sunday, when Team Chara MVPerry will battle Team Alfredsson for...for...something? [Ed. Note: Dammit, Kristen. Now I have that stupid song in my head.]

On to the links!

  • Speaking of All-Stars: Ducks Daily Blog names the our best players at the halfway point. [Ducks Daily Blog]
  • Another wildly inappropriate and unsubstantiated trade rumor: Corey Perry to the Vancouver Canucks for Keith Ballard, Mason Raymond, and Cory Schneider. [The Province]
  • Someone renting a luxury suite in the Honda Center accumulated over $100,000 in unpaid fees. The Ducks sued this person in an Orange County court, and won a judgment for the unpaid balance. [OC Weekly]
  • Wildly inappropriate and unsubstantiated trade rumor number two: Jonas Hiller to the Buffalo Sabres for Ryan Miller. (A Fire Sale trade come true!) [Ottawa Sun]
  • According to CSN Philly, Bob Murray and Bruce Boudreau are the NHL's 23rd best GM/Coach combo. Woohoo. [CSN Philly]
  • The USC men's hockey team will hold their 2nd annual "CHOC Night and Teddy Bear Toss" at Anaheim Ice tomorrow. [Anaheim Ducks]
  • Ducks Notes through January 25th. [Anaheim Ducks]
  • As a fan of all things American and hockey-related, I feel obligated to link to Hockey Wilderness' ode to Minnesota hockey. [Hockey Wilderness]
  • Chris Kunitz is the most underrated Anaheim Duck Pittsburgh Penguin. [PensBurgh]
  • Rob Pizzo and Justin Bourne discuss the All-Star Fantasy Draft and the NHL 'beerability index' on the Backhand Shelf podcast. [Backhand Shelf]