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Armchair GM: Jen's Fire Sale Core Player Trades

In light of GM Bob Murray's comments on Wednesday night, I posed a challenge to the AC writers - I am going to give you the same five core players on the Ducks and you have to make one-for-one trades for each and explain why. The only restrictions are that you have to trade for one player, on any team, of equal value (doesn't have to be money, talent is value), picks and prospects are not allowed to be added to trades, and you don't have to trade position for position (i.e. you can trade a defenseman for a winger). Basically the player has to be good, in the NHL currently, and will fill the void left by the Duck being traded. Our ultimate goal is to have this serve as an example to Bob Murray - an avid AC reader, I'm sure - as to what is acceptable when trading a member of the Ducks core.

We'll be revealing our trades throughout the weekend. Ladies first, so here's my trades:

Core Trade #1: Ryan Getzlaf for Evgeni Malkin

This trade is inspired by my dad. A Pittsburgh-er through and through, he's a Penguins fan and has been campaigning for this trade for years. He has a love-hate relationship with Geno much like my love-hate relationship with Getzy. Geno and Getzlaf are insanely talented, but they have incredible moments of insane stupidity and pure laziness. When I watch Geno, he's at his best when Sidney Crosby isn't in the lineup because he's the star that's already proven himself. He craves the attention that most of our players shy away from. By bringing him to Anaheim, he'd be paired on the top line with Perry for a devastating one-two punch. The obvious hole left by Getzlaf leaving is at center. He hasn't been really good at it lately, so if we're looking at marginal performers at center, move Bobby Ryan in there or start trusting our kids.

Core Trade #2: Corey Perry for Shea Weber

The fact that Corey Perry was not put on the "hands off" list is beyond me. His trade value could be the highest of any player on the Ducks. For that, the Ducks must acquire someone that will be worth a major investment. The only player worth it is a healthy Shea Weber. Weber is still an RFA after his one year deal is over. This would give the Ducks sole negotiating rights, sans some outrageous offer sheet. For Weber, I wouldn't put it past big spending teams to do that though, so that's the risk the Ducks would take on.

Core Trade #3: Bobby Ryan for Zach Parise

If you've read this site for any period of time, you know that I have it bad for Zach Parise. So bad that I would be willing to give up a potential superduper star to get him. (The only caveat would be that he would have to be a sign-and-trade because this is his final year of the contract with the Devils.) He is incredible. He doesn't have the size of Ryan but he has the skills. He is the sniper the Ducks are going to need once Teemu retires and while Emerson Etem gets used to the NHL ropes. He does not have the scoring droughts that has plagued Ryan his entire year, giving the Ducks someone other than Perry and Selanne that score consistently

Core Trade #4: Cam Fowler for Michael Del Zotto

This one was a little more difficult for me. Prior to this season, Del Zotto has had some not so spectacular seasons for the Rangers. I believe that he's finally found his stride, not to mention he's healthy. He's not an offensive defenseman the way Fowler can be but he is physical and blocks a lot of shots - think Toni Lydman last season but younger. He has experience and confidence - two things Cam is missing currently. He is also an RFA at the end of this season.

Core Trade #5: Jonas Hiller for Cory Schneider

A starter for a back-up? You betcha. Schneider has provided outstanding relief for Vancouver when Bobby Lou goes through one of his spells. He even earned himself a Jennings Trophy at the NHL Awards for the best goaltending tandem. If he can handle the pressure cooker of Vancouver, the vast unaccountability in Anaheim will be a welcome vacation. He's another RFA after this season and is currently making a measley $900K. The room left by dropping Hiller's long term deal would leave plenty of money to sign him to a shorter term contract that allows him to play while Iiro Tarkki and John Gibson develop.