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NHL Cancels Games Through Nov. 1 - Ducks Games Missed

Had the Ducks played this week, they would have faced Boston, Montreal and Toronto in their respective cities.

Let me speak slowly so you understand, you idiot.
Let me speak slowly so you understand, you idiot.
Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Everyone knows by now that the NHL exacted revenge on the NHLPA (and fans) for countering their proposal by cancelling additional regular season games through Nov. 1. Frankly, I was surprised it wasn't a longer set of games.

In this second round of cancellations, the Ducks will miss three games against Eastern Conference teams.

Game 1: At Boston

I look at Boston as the way the Ducks used to be. They have skilled players like Tyler Seguin, and they have the brutes in Brad Marchand and Milan Lucic,

Game 2: At Montreal

This is a big one. It would have likely been Saku Koivu's last trip to Montreal before retirement. Should we get a season soon, it will probably be Saku's last.

Game 3: At Toronto

I am really, really bummed to miss this one. This would be the first game the Ducks faced Randy Carlyle as the coach of the Maple Leafs and vice versa. Would Carlyle know all the weaknesses and play against them? Would Bobby Ryan skate by the bench and chirp to Carlyle that the team picked a whiny player over the coach?