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Your Wednesday Links Roundup: The Deadline Edition.

The NHL and NHLPA are at an impasse, and Bobby Ryan wants a Cup.

Frederick Breedon

Just FYI: The NHL's deadline to preserve the 82 game season is today.


  • Let's go Ducks? [Battle of California]
  • The Ducks will host the FIRS (International Roller Sports Federation) Inline Hockey World Championships from July 7-21, 2013. [Anaheim Ducks]
  • The Ducks will present Try Hockey For Free Day on Saturday, November 3rd at Yorba Linda Ice. [Anaheim Ducks]
  • Bobby Ryan thought that the Kings' Stanley Cup was a "tough pill to swallow." [Mayor's Manor] (Ed. Note: This irks me that he'll talk with a Kings blog...)
  • What the 2012 lockout means for Ducks fans. [Roughled Feathers]
  • How to the Fort Wayne Komets (our ECHL team) build their chemistry? [News Sentinel]
  • Scott Niedermayer discusses his career with CBC's Scott Russell. [CBC]
  • Will Saku Koivu follow his brother to Finland? [Gone Puck Wild]
  • Kyle Palmieri turns heads. [Ducks Daily Blog]


  • Would we miss Sergei Kostitsyn (and other NHLers playing in the KHL) if he/they never came back? Jen definitely wouldn't. [Backhand Shelf]
  • A look at the Penguins' bargain contracts. [Pensburgh]
  • 10 things that must happen for the lockout to end. [USA Today]
  • Gary Bettman doesn't think playing an 82-game season is likely now with no Collective Bargaining Agreement in place as of yet. []
  • In not-so surprising news, junior hockey attendance figures have risen as the lockout has progressed. [Calgary Herald]
  • The NHL has rejected the NHLPA's attempt to meet. Welp. []