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AC's Hate Week: And Remind Me Why You're So Arrogant Again?

SK is usually the one leading the Group Therapy sessions for Ducks fans. Today we let her tell us how she really feels.

Richard Wolowicz - Getty Images

I just want to start off by saying how easy it is to embrace hate week here at Anaheim Calling. In general, I do my best not to hate on the other teams as I find it to be a waste of my time. For instance, if you’re ever in a car with me and I spot one of those devilish little boys peeing on the team logo of his hated rival, I’m likely to go all balistic on why anyone would broadcast who they hate on their own car.

So what’s so different about this week? I am really pissed off that there is no hockey on the horizon. Right now, I hate everyone.

Lets get to it, shall we? CHEERS!

Kings "fans":

When you work in LA County and your cubicle is decorated with Ducks stuff to the hilt, you’re bound to hear some "GO KINGS!" chants headed your way. But here’s the problem…

Me: "Okay, name one Kings player if you’re such a fan…"

Any Kings "fan": "Gretzky."

Every time. I don’t even think they know the "Wayne" part.

Needless to say, I’m sick of Kings "fans". What I find to be really odd is that the REAL Kings fans, the one who can name the captain who lifted the cup over his head, or know of the guy who threw out his back for eating pancakes, those fans, they don’t really bother me. They seem to have this mutual respect with me that, as two teams in a place like Southern California - a non-hockey hotbed - that it’s hard enough to even be appreciated in the first place. Besides, most of them know that if they want to talk any smack I’m going to remind them that "Anaheim did it first."

I’ve been to quite a few Ducks/Kings games over the past few seasons and many of them in LA. Unfortunately, my overall record there isn’t too hot. It always seems to be so quiet there that I’m certain Ryan Getzlaf can hear me yelling at him after every face-off loss.

None the less, I do have some awesome memories at the Staples Center. One was watching Cam Fowler drafted upon a shower of Kings fans boos only to later to watch Emerson Etem drafted as a collective group of hockey fans celebrated a Southern California native making his way to the stage, regardless of the team he’d be playing for. I can’t forget a tight game won by the amazing Chris Pronger in overtime, and while the outcome of the game wasn’t as desired, I loved being in attendence for Bobby Ryan’s 2 minute, 21 second hat trick.

I had no voice as I left the building for screaming and cheering my ass off. So much so that I remember one guy turning to me and saying, "you must be a Ducks fan."

You bet your ass, buddy...and tell your fake fans that I’m sick of hearing their crap.

San Jose:

San Jose is probably the one team and franchise that always crawls under my skin. They’re pompous. Maybe it’s a Northern California thing? I don’t know what it is or why, but I’ve yet to meet a San Jose fan who is humbled. Which, for some reason, boggles my brain seeing as how they have yet to really win anything that anyone gives a crap about. [Ed. Note: But, but, all those President's Trophies...] Yet time and again it always seems like they’re right there flaunting their hate in our faces.

It pleases me so, when I recall those playoffs in 2009 when Jonas Hiller officially became the Shark Killer. Then again, there is a huge part of me that loves Joe Thornton. Why? Because there are so many times when I’m frustrated to the max with Getzlaf, but then I think...I’d rather have him over Thornton.

My hate of San Jose comes in waves. Just like their success and failure. It pleases me more than anything when they come to Anaheim, the bus loads of their chomping idiotic fans with their Sharks snacking on Ducks as they chant through the halls, only to watch them leave as they hang their heads low after a humiliating loss.

You’re pompous San Jose, and I’m not exactly sure why. Congratulations on being one of the biggest disappointments in the NHL year after year. You’ve really earned it!

The business:

Recently, at 3am on an early Saturday morning, a bit of insomnia hits and I find myself out on the couch. With nothing but infomercials on at such a ridiculous hour (thankfully I'm too broke to bite on the teeth whitening temptation...ha, bite), I find myself watching a bit of off season programming that I previously recorded from the NHL Network. Inside the cup, sights and sounds from the 2012 playoffs.

Immediately I am definitely annoyed that there are no features on the Ducks due to their disgusting 2011-12 season, but it mostly brought on my hate of a new "team" in the NHL.

The business.

The fact that the business, the owners, the NHLPA and team "Bettman" were now the ultimate enemy. The rat bastards holding back another NHL season from the fans. Yea, they're all guilty in some way. It sucks and I hate it.

I won’t go on tirade about how ridiculous this lockout is. I won’t pretend that when it’s over I’m going to walk away and not care about the NHL anymore, I love this game too much for that to happen. You’ve heard all the rants, you’ve read all the appalling predictions of when the lockout might end, you don’t need another.

But this is just bad business. I’m not a fan of bad business.

So yea, right now, I hate you NHL business. I hate that every day you don’t get closer to a conclusion and I don’t get any closer to watching an NHL hockey game. I hate that you’re making the fans feel like the fools again because your product is so damn addicting that we can’t help but hang on time after time.

I hate how bad you are at business.

...and I hate that it means I have to listen to those King "fans" gloat longer than necessary.