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Your Friendly Tuesday Links Roundup: The Winter Classic Was Supposed to Be Cancelled Yesterday Edition

Should we care if the NHL loses money by not cancelling the Winter Classic early enough?

The NHL is taking their pucks and going home
The NHL is taking their pucks and going home
Jamie Squire

I've always thought that the season would effectively be over when/if the cancellation of the Winter Classic was announced. Well, according to some sources, that would've happened Monday had Sandy not occurred - and will definitely happen by the end of the week. Even though a 60-ish game season is still possible, the Classic needs to be cancelled as soon as possible to keep the NHL from incurring a financial penalty. Bummer.



  • President Obama discusses the NHL lockout. [Admirals Overtime]
  • How mad are NHL fans about the lockout? (Also, my Winter Classic rant source). [Puck Daddy]
  • The Ottawa Senators have announced a partnership with Ottawa native and PGA Tour player Brad Fritsch. []
  • Wayne Simmonds was the recipient of racist taunts during a game in the Czech Republic. Gross.
  • How much longer will Henry Samueli and the rest of the NHL owners have to stay silent negotiating tactics before they become part of the problem? [Winging It In Motown] [Ed. Note: I learned it only takes eight (8!!!) owners out of thirty (27% "majority") to veto a CBA proposal.]
  • The Backhand Shelf Guide to Effective Heckling. [Backhand Shelf]