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Your Friendly Thursday Links Roundup: The Links of Hate Edition

As the week goes on, our anger seems more and more appropriate. Thanks, NHL & NHLPA!

Harry How - Getty Images

Grrrrrrrrrrr....As much as I'd like to summon some hatred for Detroit, San Jose, and LA (throw in Dallas for the extra-hateful), I'm more peeved that there are no rivalry games to be played.


  • Picking the All-Time Ducks team, starting with centers. [Hockeybuzz]
  • How the lockout affects Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry. [Rant Sports]
  • Sheldon Souray is profiled as a part of the OC Register's A-Z series. [OC Register]
  • The Ducks will participate in Girls Hockey Weekend on October 14 at Westminster Ice. [Anaheim Ducks]
  • The Ducks are also hosting their Third Annual Mini 1-on-1 Tournament for local youth hockey players. [Anaheim Ducks]