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He Hate Me - Regular Season Games Cancelled Through October 24th

We've been cancelled. Just like all of Matthew Perry's TV shows after Friends.

Brian Killian - Getty Images

This day has been looming over our heads like a dark rain cloud over Charlie Brown. Due to the lack of a collective bargaining agreement because of a labor dispute (duh), the NHL has cancelled regular season games through October 24th. I fear this is the first of many such announcements. The NHL has said that they will cancel games in two-week intervals.

The two sides either won't talk anymore, haven't talked in a while, or are talking about the infamous Hockey Related Revenue. The NHL is saying the NHLPA doesn't want to talk about it. The NHLPA is saying they're talking about it (sorta) but believe it is a moot point to do so because they know the NHL is determined to reject anything they propose. I believe that Puck Daddy referred to our current situation as a 'staring contest'.

For me, it's a battle of egos. Donald Fehr turned MLB into a cash cow for his players (uh, A-Rod, anyone?). Gary Bettman, a protege of NBA commish David Stern, a now three time locker-outer, has to keep his clients (the owners) happy and remind the players who is the boss.

Two Giant Egos = One Big Clusterf#^k

Ducks Games Cancelled:
vs. San Jose (home opener - we've got something planned)
vs. Dallas
vs. Carolina
vs. Justin Schultz Hate Night (Edmonton)
@ Phoenix
vs. Nashville

The Ducks schedule is heavily front loaded with home games. Should there be a season, it will be interesting to see if the NHL adopts a similar compact schedule as the NBA did after their lockout ended to make things equal.