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Matt Beleskey Signs With UK Club Coventry Blaze

Matt Beleskey joins Luca Sbisa and Viktor Fasth as the only Ducks to make the trip over to Europe to play. Beleskey signed with UK club

Kirby Lee-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Ducks forward Matt Beleskey is the third Anaheim player to flee the country. Coventry Blaze of the Rapid Solicitors Elite League in the United Kingdom have signed Beleskey to a lockout contract. The specifications of the deal were not disclosed. Should the lockout end, he will likely be released from his contract.

The Ducks could have sent Beleskey to Norfolk; however, he would have had to pass through waivers first. Matt has a two-way deal, but because of the number of games played at the NHL level, he's disqualified from the non-waiver exceptions that sent our guys to Virginia (I think). Same goes for Nick Bonino, who is still here in So Cal.

Beleskey joins Luca Sbisa (in Switzerland) and Viktor Fasth (in Sweden), as the only Ducks to make the haul overseas to play. There were rumors that Jonas Hiller might be headed back to play for his old Swiss club, but as of yet, he has not made a decision. Bobby Ryan and Ryan Getzlaf have said that they aren't leaving the good old US of A at any time during the lockout. My feeling is if Corey Perry goes, the season will be cancelled.

(Buddy Band to Sean Leahy of Puck Daddy for the heads up.)