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Track the Ducks and other NHL Players During the Lockout With Our Interactive Map

Where are players finding ice time during the lockout? Some are playing in the AHL, while others are scattered across leagues in Europe. Stalk Look at the places your favorite NHL'er may not come back from.

(Horrible Print Screen By Jen)
(Horrible Print Screen By Jen)
Esri's Map/Jen's Print Screen

Ever wondered just where everyone is getting their ice time during the lockout? My company, Esri, created this fun, interactive map showing how far a few players from each team have traveled to maintain their hockey skills during the lockout.

For the Ducks, you can see which teams Luca Sbisa, Matt Beleskey, and Devante Smith-Pelly have joined during the lockout. You can click on arc to see which player that travel itinerary belongs to and you can learn more about the teams and venues by clicking on the various points in North America and Europe. You can also see what people are saying about the lockout through social media (spoiler alert: it's not positive).

It's no substitute for hockey, but it's a fun way to kill some time and it's pretty interesting to see just how many leagues exist throughout Europe (semi-pro teams in France and Italy, really?). Een the IIHF dug this map enough to tweet about it yesterday.