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Icepocalypse 2012: The Tale of Three Players - Ryan Getzlaf

The leader of the Ducks gives his take on the negotiations.

Bruce Bennett

Francois Beauchemin and Dustin Penner have said (or didn't say) their opinions on the lockout. For the third and final set of comments we turn to Ducks captain, Ryan Getzlaf.

On his prior reference to a timeline of how the labor dispute will work out, how he feels still not playing in December:

Yeah, it, I mean, it's annoying. The whole process has been a little bit silly to me. It's hard to understand, even if you're in the inside. I'm right in the middle of it and I still don't understand why we can't sit at a table and bang things out. Everything always has to be a certain move, and this time here, and this time here, instead of just sitting down and getting figured out. So we're still hopeful that maybe January we can start this thing and get a half a season in. So next couple weeks here are going to be big.

Was he suprised by the NHL's class action lawsuit filed against the NHLPA on Friday:

It shocked me, but I don't know anything about it. So, it shocked me. You know, to me, it's another place spending too much time doing other things when we could be sitting at a table working it out. Those are the things I don't understand as a player. To me, everything is pretty simple. You know, in the real world it's not. It's a big business. Those are the kind of things that take a step back from the way things are going, I think.

His feelings on the fans returning once the lockout is over:

Well, there's always going to be fans there. I mean there are always fans at the game, it's a matter of growing the game and that's where we were headed. We're getting new fans - not the same fans - new fans and growing the game. We take pride in our fans and hope that as many come back or stay with us as they have before.

On damage done to the fanbase:

Well it's a big fear. That's a huge thing, especially in Orange County and different markets where there is so many different options. There's two basketball teams, another hockey team, a football team in San Diego, and baseball teams everywhere. It's not that they don't have options to watch sports. These are things that definitely concern us when going through this long of a lockout.

His confidence as to when they'll be playing again:

I'm not confident at all. I've tried to be confident through this whole thing and the fact is it seems every time we try to come close, they push away. So, until they're willing to come close, then there is nothing to be positive about. It's a sad truth, but that's a fact. Unless they have a timeline that I don't know about, that their all the sudden one day say ‘okay, we'll try and work it out', then, until then, it's not looking great.

On his contract expiring at the end of this 'season' and the fans being concerned:

Yeah and so am I. It's a huge concern for me and I'm sure it is for our management and everybody because our team is going to be in a tough situation when it comes July 1st and if this lockout goes as long as it does. I'm sure there are a few other teams like that around the league but my main objective has always been to stay here in Orange County. I love it here. This is where my family is and hope to be. But you know, that's one of those things where hopefully I can get worked out where I have a chance to talk to them before the free agent market hits.

Jen's Take on Getzlaf:

I have been very vocal of my feelings on Getzlaf since taking the 'C'. I thought he was too immature and didn't understand the importance of being the captain, on and off the ice. This is the first time I felt like Getzlaf had finally started to 'get it'. Here he was an adult. He wasn't speaking in sports cliches, he was honest and forthright.

What did surprise me was his mention of being 'in the middle' of the negotiations. I remember seeing him stand with other players at a press conference, but to my knowledge, he hasn't been mentioned as part of the negotiating committee or even a player rep. (If you're wondering, George Parros was our player-rep. Now it's new guy Dan Winnik, who is on the negotiating team with Parros.) He could be generalizing all players as being 'in the middle' of it.

Thinking of you guys, I posed the last question to Getzy on his contract. He realizes how screwed the Ducks are if he and (without saying) Corey Perry don't re-sign. I didn't get the feeling from him that he would walk away, should the lockout continue through free agency. That doesn't mean he won't threaten to leave and use the Ducks free agency situation as leverage, but that's just speculation.

On a side note, Getzlaf Baby #2 is due any day now. We wish Mrs. Getzlaf all the best in the delivery because, really, she's doing all the hard work.


Now that we've heard three differing opinions on the lockout, albeit Getzy and Penner have somewhat similar views, my feelings are still the same. All the posturing and lawsuits are BS and could cost us the season. If Getzlaf doesn't understand why the two groups can't just 'bang it out', there is a lack of communication within the PA; however, he still delivers the party line of implying it's the owners fault.

I just want hockey.