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Your Friendly Tuesday Links Roundup: The I Looked Justin Schultz Directly In The Eyes And Lived To Tell The Tale

See below...

Taylor Hall was there, too.
Taylor Hall was there, too.
Jeff Gross

I had the opportunity to see Bad Justin/The Dark Lord/He Who Spurned Anaheim play hockey in person for the first time over the weekend. He was just as advertised: smooth skater, power play quarterback (even though it's too early to say if his transition to the NHL will be smooth). And the crowd booed him pretty loudly. Hee hee.

Also, watch this interview with John Gibson.



  • The lockout hasn't kept NHL players from giving. [The Orange County Register]
  • The NHL Network-U.S. and once again will offer fans in the United States the opportunity to watch live competition from the 2013 WJC. []
  • The NHL's lawsuit against its players was assigned to a relatively new federal judge who is a longtime New York Yankees fan and a former federal prosecutor. [ESPN]
  • Gary Bettman remains a stern guy in labor talks. [LA Times]
  • Read Battle of California's response to Elliott's piece. [Battle of California]
  • The NHL has threatened the NHLPA to void all current contracts. [Defending Big D]
  • The charity game in Toronto on Wednesday is packed with stars. [Backhand Shelf]