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From The Ladies of SBNation NHL: Too Many Men On The Ice**

Since no one wants to talk to each other, some of SBNation's best female hockey bloggers will fill the silence - with truthiness. (**These posts are meant to be over the top. Relax.)


EEeeenough! This is getting ridiculous. You know what, I am placing blame on the players, the owners, Fehr and Bettman. Why? Because they're men. And because they're men, they're posturing.

(For those of you laughing to yourself at the comment you're going to post about it 'being that time of the month' for me, grow up. Contrary to popular belief, you piss us off more than once a month.)

Guys, I love ya. You're fun to look at and funnier to laugh at; however, there is the one fatal flaw of all men - their ego. In all my years on this earth, the one place you can always hurt a man (not physically) is in his ego. There are guys that will wholeheartedly disagree with me, and they, my friends, are usually the ones with the biggest egos.

The players are led by one of the most egotistical men in the history of the world. Donald Fehr proved he was a force when he almost destroyed the MLB and got the players the cushiest deal of all the major leagues. He knows what he did to the MLB and like hell if it isn't happening again with the NHL.

The owners are led by the other most egotistical man of the world. Gary Bettman is on what Pat Riley would call a 'three-peat' of work stoppages. He crushed the PA in the last CBA and he's sure as shit going to make sure it happens again.

After the cancellation of now half the season on Thursday, I decided drastic times called for drastic measures. I have assembled a super group of female hockey fans to explain how the boys have screwed everything up and how we, as women, would have the players on the ice right now instead of ignoring their owners. We call our group, 'Too Many Men On The Ice'.

Can see behind those dollar signs, boys? We'll make things a little clearer for you. Throughout this hallowed Boxing Day, posts by Becca at Japer's Rink, Erin at Stanley Cup of Chowder, and AC's own, Kristen, SK and myself, will go up on the site.