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Icepocalypse 2012: Flying across the US to pop the AHL cherry

What idiot would fly all the way across the country to watch an AHL game? The idiot that runs this blog.

Call me Smaby
Call me Smaby
Chris Rutsch

Today, our very own Ducklings on the Norfolk Admirals are playing in D.C. against the Hershey Bears (Capitals affiliate) at Verizon Center. The game, and this is not a joke, is sold out. An AHL game in a NHL arena is sold out. Think people miss their hockey much? Somehow this is an Admirals 'home game'; a home game filled with a lot of Bears and a lot of Capitals fans. Shawn will be there representing the Admirals and the other 16,999 people are there for the Bears.

On the West Side (RIP Tupac) of the US, we don't have the luxury of driving, or taking something called 'public transportation (whatever that is), to the next state to see an AHL game. Well, I miss my hockey. I also need a vacation. So, I'm writing this post from SBNation Headquarters in Washington, DC. I'll be in the pressbox for this night's match up of 'which team sucks less'. And no, I did not fly cross-country just for an AHL game. I would need to reevaluate my life if that were the case.

Follow along on this stream during my first Norfolk Admirals/AHL experience. I'll be updating it throughout the day. I'll also be running a live-ish blog during the game. Puck drops at 4pm PT. For those of you in the television area, the game will be aired on Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic and ABC 27.2 RTV (central Pennsylvania).

If this post doesn't make sense it's because I took a redeye out of Long Beach and arrive at 4:50am at Dulles airport. Slept on the plane - sort of (more on that later). My hotel was completely booked so no early check in. Now I'm sitting at SBN HQ trying not to fall asleep. Stay tuned!