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Open Gameday Thread: Dallas Stars @ Anaheim Ducks

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Dallas Stars
@ Anaheim Ducks

Wednesday, Feb 1, 2012, 7:30 PM PST
Honda Center


Radio: AM 830 KLAA

Your Enemy: Defending Big D

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At work, the back wall of my office is covered in Ducks fowl towels, so it's more than obvious that I am a crazy Ducks fan. (Although I did tell a guy that my favorite color was orange and the Ducks made it easy to post orange things around my office. He believed me.) As I was pretending to be awake at my desk this morning, a couple people walked by and had almost the same thing to say to me, "How 'bout those Ducks? Good game last night. Too bad this isn't the beginning of the season." To which I always give a completely stone-faced, "I know."

As I thought about it more, would I really want to start this season over? No, I don't. For starters, we wouldn't have Bruce Boudreau. He could've ended up at the Kings coach for all we know. His impact alone (even though it took a bit to click) makes me OK with this late resurgence. Another reason is that with desperation comes the greatest hockey. What we see now is desperation. If Andrew Cogliano - son of Stone Hands (Todd Marchant) - is scoring a natural hat trick, you are seeing desperation. The whole team has bought in that they can't rely on the big guns to make any sort of run. And said big guns know that they can't sit back and rely on the depth scoring to have a good night because that's their ticket outta' So Cal.

Yes, it sucks to be looking up in the standings; however, I'd rather be looking up knowing my team is beating the crap out of other teams as they claw their way up. They aren't going to win every game, but if they want even a shot, it starts with division rivals and the magical 4-point games. Dallas snapped the winning streak of the Ducks before the All-Star break. It was a fantastic game by Anaheim that ended in a loss due to a flukey goal. Losing to Dallas 1-0 is really quite outstanding considering the offensive power they have. The Duck have to play pretty much the same game as they did a little over a week ago and just hope that Kari Lehtonin is having an off night.