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Star-Burns: Ducks Demolished 6-2

Did the Ducks just realize that Jason Blake isn't in the lineup for the second consecutive game? This is looking eerily like the first time Blake was hurt. Win the game after Blake's injury and then suck it up the next game. Hurry back, Blakey!

Conspiracy theories aside, this game was heinous. I loved the Ducks tenacity the first half of the first period and then it all went down the crapper. Actually, I was hopeful going into the 3rd period with the Ducks only being down by two goals. Yet the the Ducks of yore showed up and allowed Dallas to score 36 seconds into the period. What really pisses me off is that Dallas wasn't even all that great tonight. They played simple hockey and let the Ducks make the mistakes. With this team, it's always one step forward, four steps back. Frustrating.


-- I don't know how they did it, but the Ducks kept notorious Duck Hunter Loui Eriksson off the score sheet.

-- First half of the third period, Ryan Getzlaf was angry. He plays so much better when he's angry. He was destroying people left and right. He must have meditated on the bench because it just kinda stopped.

-- Every Duck except for Mark Bell registered at least 1 SOG. Francois Beauchemin lead the way with 5. At least they're shooting! I didn't say they were accurate.


-- Not a good night for Jonas Hiller. He wasn't getting a lot of support in front of him, but he didn't help his own cause on the first three goals given up. I agree with Boudreau's move to keep him in there, though. I'm not sure I want to test Jeff Deslauriers, especially against a potent Dallas offense.

-- Horrible game played by: Lubomir Visnovsky, Saku Koivu (it hurts to say that), and Bobby Ryan. Bobby was trying to make Sportscenter's Top 10 with every play. I fear that we've reached another scoring slump of Ryan's and he's going to start trying to make the pretty plays instead of the smart plays to get going. Lubo was just off. He couldn't hold on to the puck. Saku was a turnover machine and couldn't win a draw to save his life.


-- Did anyone tell Ryan Getzlaf, Corey Perry, and Bobby Ryan that the All-Star break was over? They seem to have forgotten that these games count and they should probably score.

-- The power play. I have nothing else to say.

-- Honda Center looked like a Dallas Stars home game. No, there weren't a lot of Stars fans there. It was half empty! There was one point where it was so quiet, my dad and I started yelling constructive criticism towards the ice just because we knew the players could hear us.