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Ducks play Ketchup and Catch-Up to Overtake Penguins 2-1

I guess I'll have to do this myself, someone get me my mini stick.
I guess I'll have to do this myself, someone get me my mini stick.

This game was the "tests of all tests" according to Bruce Boudreau.

Good news for Anaheim is that they passed. Maybe by the skin of their teeth, but a passing grade is all that they need.

There is so much to be said about this Anaheim team right now. I’d probably have even more to say if I didn’t have a full time job that prevents me from getting home before 6:00pm and therefore causing me to miss 3 of the last 4 games, but whatever.

What I have seen, read or heard tells me one thing: this team isn’t giving up, and they’re doing it quite well. The last two games are a great example of the Anaheim experience. Much like the way this season started, the Ducks often find themselves behind, trailing, trying to get back into the game. However, unlike the early parts of the season, the Ducks are now playing and battling with fire. They’re pushing each other to the limit and they’re responding. As a TEAM.

True to form, players like Corey Perry and Teemu Selanne prove time and again why they’re the elite players in this league. Most importantly, when players like Ryan Getzlaf are racking up points with consistency, third and fourth liners like Matt Beleksey and Niklas Hagman are contributing, you know things are going well.

When SK admits that Jonas Hiller has been a crucial part of this Anaheim stretch...well, you know things must be somewhat remarkable.

So, without further ado...


-I’m sorry, but winning isn’t good. Not right now. No...winning is INCREDIBLE. It’s fantastic and it makes me one happy Ducks fan.

-Pittsburgh isn’t just one of the hottest teams in the league right now, they’ve got one of the hottest players in the league right now as well. I’d recommend looking at the score sheet to see who that player is, but alas, the Ducks were able to keep Evgeni Malkin scoreless. Super awesome, super important!

-Jonas Hiller is rolling. Back to back starts didn’t seem to waver his game.

-Need some proof of that "fail to quit" attitude? How about a goal from Corey Perry with less than a minute in the 2nd period.

-Even better, Matt Beleskey, who was probably one of the players of the game. Stuck on the ice for MINUTES, Beleksey doesn’t quit and gets the puck to the legend allowing Selanne to score the game winner. Incredible.

-Speaking of Selanne, as we do so often around here, he’s now got his 656th goal of his career, tying him with Brendan Shanahan for 12th place. He’s got 1,392 points, 21st all time passing Brett Hull.

-Winning on the road? Yes please!


-Just imagine, you’d be less likely to suffer from a heart attack if the Ducks power play would connect a few times, yea?

-I fear when these "late to show" games kick their butts. The Ducks can’t afford to sit on their heels until the second period so regularly.


-Another effin eastern conference game on Friday means SK watches on delay again. Stupid me for not being a billionaire and having to work a full time job. Lame.