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Open Game Day Thread: Anaheim Ducks @ New Jersey Devils

We're good.  I got it trapped between the paddle and my pad here
We're good. I got it trapped between the paddle and my pad here

***News Flash***

Anaheim Calling's Editor arrested for tackling New Jersey's Zach Parise during teams's pre-game skate.

Ok, that's not a real headline or breaking news...yet. But keep your eyes open. Jen is partying drinking stalking Parise relaxing on a nice trip to the Big Apple this week and has the awesome pleasure of taking in the Ducks game at the Rock this evening.

Like I said, keep your eyes open.

Anyway, Anaheim continues to roll right along on this brutal road trip. It's taken some overtime, some last minute heroics, some unusual suspects, a Hart and a Flash, but to this point they've managed to pull through with a 3-0-1 record and 7 points.

Quite a contrast to the road trip early on that saw them go 1-3-3, eh?

Each game poses a new challenge. What will the Ducks look like to start the game? Will the power play figure their crap out? When all else fails, who will have the magic touch? Will Jonas Hiller continue to stand tall? What record will Teemu Selanne surpass next?

Of course there is the opposition to consider as well. In this case, New Jersey is far from the team they were last year. Ilya Kovalchuck is actually scoring (25-31=56 points), that fine (Ed. Note from Arthur mocking Jen: Fiiiiine) Parise fella is healthy (21-28=49 points) and the team is actually in a playoff battle, currently 6th in the East, 32-20-4=68 points.

Thankfully, the Ducks are in prime position for a new challenge each and every game. They've reached the halfway point of this exhausting trip and this next game will get them over the hurdle.

We're counting on you, Jen. Parise won't know what hit him!

By the way, if you're watching the scoreboard tonight and looking ahead to what teams to "boo" more (I know, as a Ducks fan, you'd never cheer for another team...but you'd definitely "boo" one more), the Colorado Avalanche sit just 3 points ahead of Anaheim heading into their match-up against Edmonton. So..."Boo Avs!"