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Ducks Pick Up Point in Shootout Loss to Devils

[Editor's Note: I held this back until the FSN Replay edition of the game aired, so as not to spoil the results for anyone, and then I remembered SBN always posts the scores to the front page]

I sent Jen a text message after I got the twitter update informing me that Sheldon Brookbank, yes, Sheldon Brookbank scored the game tying goal.

“Sure hope you’re representing well for all of us!”

Her reply was priceless, “HAHAHAH! I’ve done A LOT of yelling at Getzlaf.”

She then proceeded to send me another text filled with a few expletives, so I’ll just leave it at that.

I'll be honest, it's Friday night and while I'm not out partying it up in NYC like some people we all know and love, I am going to go out and party it up in good ole So-Cal.

So here's my thoughts on this game in a nutshell:

I'm thrilled you picked up a point in overtime, but get your power play act together!

For your viewing pleasure, here's some GBU!


-1 point on every game thus far on this road trip, I can't complain.

-There's no quit in Corey Perry. Scoring his 29th goal of the season, he's now 5th in the league and 10 goals behind leader Steven Stamkos (we'll get to see those two battle it out next week). I'll admit there are times when he still blows my mind with those skills. It's too bad those damn posts insist on getting in the way!

-Wonderful to see ex-Devils get such a great showing. All night I received glowing updates about Rod Pelley's performance, and when I watched the game it was fantastic to see how true that was. Add in a surprising and much needed goal from the player least likely to score in Sheldon Brookbank and it was a great night for these current Ducks.

-The penalty kill is rolling right along. Thankfully they're at 83.9% overall because the power play blows. But we'll get to that later.

-The third line. Matt Beleskey, Nick Bonino and Andrew Cogliano are working so well together that you know they're bound to make an impact from time to time. Even when they aren't scoring, they're proving to be a threat causing other teams to take note and play the entire Ducks roster in a different way.

-It's too bad that overtime goal didn't count, cause Luca Sbisa's moves on the rush were fantastic.


-I used to feel so confident when Jonas Hiller was set for the shootout, but his one-on-one game is the one thing that he hasn't seemed to get back just yet. Of course not having your own players score on the other end doesn't help either.

-Speaking of Hiller, close your legs dude...your 5 hole showing.

-Eric Boulton's face. Yikes, was that brutal or what?

-Selanne got a goal in the shootout, but he's still scoreless in the Prudential Center. Not only that, but he's still tied with Brendan Shanahan.


-The power play is effin killing me. 0-3 tonight and the team is 16.9% overall (17th). Just one goal and this is a different game. But we've been saying that about all of these games on this road trip so far. This team is starting to prove they're good enough, a better power play could show that they're on the verge of great.

-It seems the ladies around here who have a bit of love for some opposing players is not good for the magumbo. That's not good news for the game against Tampa Bay on Tuesday, I'll just give you that heads up right now.