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Game Day Thread: Anaheim Ducks @ Tampa Bay Lightning

Just keep smiling...I'm going to take you down Stamkos!
Just keep smiling...I'm going to take you down Stamkos!

First things first - Steven Stamkos is on my list of favorite players throughout the NHL. I apologize in advance for any disastrous outcomes this may (Ed. Note: WILL) cause.

Tonight's battle of the flesh colored beards is on, and I'm very excited about it. While Stamkos does make my list of players not on Anaheim's roster that I do enjoy, his rank is still far down the list to the likes of those such as Teemu Selanne, Cam Fowler, Francois Beauchemin and, most importantly, Corey Perry.

So let the battle begin! It seems as though Stamkos is hell bent on taking that goal scoring title this season, but I have a feeling Perry is going to put up quite a fight to the very end. And if history has any intention of repeating itself, now would be the time for a swift change of the tide.

Let's consider this: the Ducks have 23 games remaining. Last season, in the final 23 games, Stamkos scored 5 goals. Five. Yes, FIVE. If he finishes this season in the same manner, he'll end up with 45 goals. Same outcome as last season.

In the final 23 games of last season, Perry racked up 20 goals. Twenty. TWENTY. Another 20 goals would bring Perry's total this season to 49.

Now, I'm not willing to make any wagers on this outcome, I'm just saying, we've seen it happen before. Can history repeat itself? Why not?

Here's the thing, I may like Steven Stamkos as a player just fine and dandy...but when it comes down to it- I freakin love me some Corey Perry. So if you've got to ask which player I want to see lighting the lamp tonight, clearly you're bonkers.

Tampa Bay as a whole has had some ups and downs this season and they're definitely not enjoying sitting firmly in 11th in the East. Just for kicks, Anaheim would be ahead of them in the standings inching ahead by two points (Anaheim-60, Tampa Bay-58).

For two teams struggling to move ahead in the final months of this NHL regular season, not to mention boasting two of the NHL's elite, this game might prove to be quite the match-up.