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Anaheim Loses in Regulation to Tampa Bay, 3-2

Yea yea yea, go ahead, blame me all you want. It’s not my fault that Steven Stamkos is good (Ed. Note: Sure, he's good. Just don't say it!). I guess it’s a good thing that my list of enjoyable players not playing for the Ducks is very short.

I’m sure this won't be good for an overall recap considering I only saw the final twenty minuets of the game, but you saw the game, you don’t need me to tell you what happened. The Ducks played much of the third period like a team desperate from being eliminated from the playoffs. A team with that much heart would normally win games. Of course that team needs to play the entire game in that manner.

It all goes back to consistency that we know the team is capable of. If we’re going to take any positives from this game, it’s knowing that this insane road trip of epic proportions is almost over. Thankfully the Ducks have been quite successful up until this point. More importantly, they’ve shown how to battle from behind, how to take a lead and hold onto it, and that they’re not going to give up when the going is tough.

If this game showed the Ducks one thing, it’s that giving up an early lead is deadly to their success. There isn’t much time left to learn these lessons, hopefully this is the last time they need to be reminded.


- The fight. Seeing Anaheim battle the way they did in the final period of the game is so much different from the team we saw a few short months ago. This team is clearly going to fight until the very end despite Tampa Bay’s early lead.

- Saku Koivu was easily one of the best players on the ice for Anaheim. Hustle, backchecking and pressure. More games like this from Koivu are going to be necessary.

- The return of Devante Smith-Pelly will hopefully be a much needed boost in the future. That kid is all passion on the ice.

- The effort was there. The Ducks were unfortunate in facing a goalie who didn't necessarily play well, but was simply lucky much of the time.

- That goal by Bobby Ryan was enough to make me watch it a few more times...I'll have more on him below.

- Outshooting Tampa Bay 30-16 is a great sign for both the teams offense and defense.


- Outshooting Tampa Bay 30-16 is scary when the final score is a losing effort.

- It doesn’t matter how good the power play looks, if you aren’t scoring, it’s meaningless.

- I'm not sure what's wrong with Cam Fowler, but it seems to be getting worse.

- Back to Bobby Ryan. I know a lot of us (minus Robby) are scratching our heads about this guy and I can't help but feel like Ryan's goal is to do it all himself. I'd love to see him play more cooperative hockey; this is, after all, a team sport.


- I warned each and everyone of you about the possible effects of allowing me to do this game day post. I’m just saying.

- Losing isn’t an option. Having the opportunity to get much needed points and missing those chances is not going to cut it. The Ducks must seize every opportunity.