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Curse Reversed: Ducks 3, Blackhawks 1

At Anaheim Calling, we respect the magumbo. There are many ways to upset the magumbo, and the cardinal magumbo-upsetting sin occurs when a writer (such as myself) mentions another team's star player in the gameday post (even if she used a nickname). Also see: Eriksson, Loui and Stamkos, Steven. But sometimes - and I said this in the comment section of the gameday thread - the things that we write on the blog have no relationship with what happens on the ice. And thankfully, tonight was one of those nights.

When Dennis the Menace scored the first goal of the game, we all sunk into the depths of despair. Some of us even argued that DTM was going to DESTROY us tonight. But then, Andrew Cogliano tied the game with a goal that seemed to undergo the longest review process ever. And then Hulkzlaf appeared. And then, the rest was history.

On to the good, the bad, and the ugly.


- Teemu = Awesome. Teemu's power play goal and his assist have moved him into 20th place in the NHL's all-time scoring list.

- Sheldon Brookbank scored the game-winning goal! He's been good for us this season - a solid, bottom-pairing defenseman.

- He became a little too friendly with the posts tonight, but it's always good to see Hulkzlaf.

- Nick Bonino has really been a revelation. One commenter (dkk) even argued that Bonino could be our "second line center" next year if Koivu doesn't come back.

- Honda Center was 102.5% full (17,601 people, to be exact). Apparently, this is record attendance for a Ducks regular season game.

- Secondary scoring!


- Andrew Cogliano's game-tying goal was his first of the month. Thanks for the goal (we really needed it), but why did it take you so long?

- Duncan Keith. He did 'assist' with one of our goals, but his shenanigans at the end were ugly. I don't even have a clever nickname for him.


- I admire the energy that Jason Blake brings to every game, but he was dead weight tonight.

- Dennis the Menace. Always and forever.