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Altitude Sickness: Colorado 4, Ducks 1

Now you're tired, Ducks? I wish I could give them slack, but I can't. This game couldn't be more important. And it's only going to get harder from here with three games in five nights, two of which are against teams directly in front of them (Calgary and Los Angeles).

It was the first time - in a long time - that I saw the "old" Ducks. These are the Ducks of the first half of the season. They're the ones that don't get the bounces, where every mistake is capitalized upon, and the score doesn't reflect how well Jonas Hiller has played. Colorado was able to turn the Ducks into the sad-sacks they used to be. By the final five minutes, the slumped shoulders and quicksand skates were back. They were bound to lose a couple, but it shouldn't be in this fashion.


-- Ok, this isn't good for us, but that Paul Stastny to Matt Duchene goal was just filthy. While it pained me to do so, I had to rewind the DVR a couple times to watch it.

-- Hey, Bobby Ryan! Nice to see you again. Glad you showed up when it counted and on the power play, nonetheless! One thing I will give credit to Bobby for is drawing penalties. He falls down A LOT, but at least he's making it in to something other than a turnover.

-- With the exception of the final goal, Jonas Hiller kept the Ducks in it as much as he could. I'm glad Bruce kept him in after the fourth goal. You don't want to do anything that could mess with his psyche in any way.

-- Power play went 1 for 3. Not great, but better than it had been. Penalty kill was 1 for 1 against the 10th best power play in the league. (I'm reaching for good things...)


-- Harping on this all season, regardless of how the team is playing - face offs! Absolutely abysmal on the dot. Nick Bonino lead the way with 54%, followed by Saku Koivu with 50%, Rod Pelly with 43%, and finally, Ryan Getzlaf with 23%. You know Getzlaf is having a bad face off night when Boudreau puts the worst center in the history of the world (Andrew Cogliano) on the ice to take draws. He went 1 for 3, by the way.

-- Another favorite saying around here is, "Your best players need to be your best players". Now paging Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf. Getzy had five shots tonight, but I would bet most of those came on the power play. Perry needs to be out-shooting Getz because he has better aim at this point. (Don't tell me you don't remember Getzlaf missing the open net twice versus Chicago.) How many shots did Corey have tonight? ZERO.


-- If I were playing the Neutral Zone Turnover Drinking Game tonight, I would need to have my stomach pumped. The third period alone would have doubled my BAC.