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Open Gameday Thread: Carolina Hurricanes @ Anaheim Ducks

Next Game

Carolina Hurricanes
@ Anaheim Ducks

Wednesday, Feb 8, 2012, 7:00 PM PST
Honda Center


Radio: AM 830 KLAA

Your Enemy: Canes Country

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The Ducks are ten points out of a playoff spot with thirty games to go. That's certainly a surmountable deficit if they get ridiculously hot, like a pair of suns hot. Which makes a game against the worst team in the Eastern conference a welcome contest. Of course, Carolina has one more point than the Ducks, at 49, but those are just technicalities.

The Ducks are going to have to win this one on special teams, since our Power Play and Penalty Killing operate at better rates than those of the Canes. I have an acquaintance who lives in Carolina, thus it is important that we win.

Personal issues aside, I think we should all keep our eyes on Cam Fowler. It's no secret the kid has had some confidence issues, but Boudreau seems to have faith in his young blue liner. He told the OC Register, "We've put him right against the top line. We think he's done an exemplary job." That's a ringing endorsement from the coach. Fowler exploded on the scene last year with a huge offensive output. The Ducks haven't stopped leaning on him, and maybe it's a little too much pressure for a 20 year-old kid. I'm looking for Cam to have a good game tonight. The Ducks are going to need him to get a little offensive confidence in order to make this push for the playoffs.

Finally, I'm digging BB's love affair with Beauchemin. It's always nice to see a guy get his full credit. As Beauchemin has settled into the role of our top defenseman, so too had Fowler improved. Yes, Cam is still making mistakes, but I think Beauchemin has really decreased those mistakes for the kid. He's been an even player since we went on that wild winning streak. I'm hoping that he can maybe turn a corner and get some confidence going before the Ducks go on this extended road trip. Gotta keep that magumbo positive on the gameday thread.