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Controversy in Ducks 3-2 Loss to Bruins

It is a really good thing the Ducks are out of this race because they sure played like they were. Sadly, it's how the rest of this season will go. The team will be in attendance but they'll simply go through the motions. I don't know if it's really worth it to be so critical of the Ducks at this point, but that's what we do best here at Anaheim Calling.

But, if there was something to be critical of in Anaheim's match-up with the Boston Bruins, it might be the no-goal debacle. A real solid slap in the face to the team after a hard working battle that resulted in a call straight out of the 90's. When I saw that the refs were all huddled together in their protective little semi-circle near the scorers box, I assumed they were reviewing the play for evidence that Andrew Cogliano had kicked in the puck. Believe me when I say I was genuinely shocked when the goal was called off for interference. No one was happy. No one. Bruce Boudreau was very vocal with reporters after the game and has once again won another piece of my heart. He's definitely learning that the respect level is far different here on the west coast.

I just really hate it when Marty Turco gets his way.

Unfortunately (or, perhaps, fortunately) that one goal won't change the Ducks season. But, just in case you're curious, it does seem that Monday's games featuring the Sharks and the Kings could put the official dagger in Anaheim's season. I can definitely say I'm glad the dagger came in late March rather than early February.

October, here we come!


- Once again Teemu Selanne climbs the charts. His 248th power play goal puts him in 4th overall. He's once again passed Luc Robitaille on the chart to stand alone. I love it when he passes Luc Robitaille on the charts.

- Lubomir Visnovsky's look of sheer RELIFE. I don't think anyone in the building was happier to see the puck go in the net than that guy was.

- Unfortunately he wasn't rewarded for it, but Matt Beleskey was one of the hardest working players on the ice. He seemed to be involved in each and every rush. Beleskey has definitely been one of the players to have blossomed under Boudreau.

- With the end nearing I find that I am getting very excited about the 2012-13 season. The way Boudreau handles this team and the way that some of the younger guys like Beleskey, Devante Smith-Pelley and Nick Bonino are playing tells me that there is a real good chance we see a much better Ducks squad right from the start.

- Jonas Hiller was privy to a few bad luck moments like Francois Beauchemin's redirect on Zdeno Chara's goal, but overall, HIller had some incredible saves in this game. It really is impressive to see him return to good form after the struggle that ended his season this time last year.


- The team as a whole were having a real hard time controlling the puck and maintaining possession. The few chances they had resulted in some great opportunities, but it was an obvious struggle out there from the onset of the game.

- The first period as a whole was scary. Anaheim's chances were few and far between and it seemed that every opportunity Boston had was a quality scoring chance.

- ...and it was bound to happen. 2 goals against in 1:22, ew.


- Is there a team that goes offsides more than the Ducks? Seriously. I know Corey Perry is often at fault with this, the guy just wants to get in the zone and get to the net, but the team as a whole was particularly "off" tonight.

- Apparently Kyle Palmieri played 10:59 in this game. I didn't notice.

- At the start of the game the stats on the score board compared Ryan Getzlaf and Zdeno Chara. Getzlaf; 9-44=53. Chara; 11-33=44. I don't know what the message was they were sending, or if they were simply comparing the teams Captains, but my first thought was, "yes, those numbers are great...for a defenseman. Not a center." I have an overwhelming love/hate relationship with Getzlaf and I think this team would be crazy to part with him, but, I will admit, I expect more from him than a defenseman's stats.

Only a few weeks left of this regular season...

As always...GO DUCKS!!!