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The Premiere of Anaheim Calling TV

Nobody asked for it, but here it is - the first ever episode of ACTV on our very own SBNation YouTube channel. (Subscribe to the channel - doooo it!)

SBNation, for whatever reason, decided it would be a good idea to send me fancy camera equipment so we can begin producing our own videos for the site. It's not just us, thank God, it's happening all across SBN. In the off-season, we'll probably get one or two videos done a week. Next season, we ramp it up to four to five videos a week.

Don't worry, I'm not going to be the only one bringing you the content from the friendly confines of my apartment. The other writers will be contributing here and there as well. As we get better at this, we'll be taking the camera various places to talk hockey. (We're working on getting a podcast going as well.)

Here's where you come in! As I say in the video, if there is anything you want to see or have questions you'd like seen answered on ACTV, email me at AnaheimCalling @ or by clicking the little envelope next to my name on the bottom of the site. We'd like to have a weekly mail-bag segment and we can only do that if you provide us the questions.