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Anaheim Ducks Group Therapy: Trip to the Motherland

You shoot, I catch. Yaw.
You shoot, I catch. Yaw.

I love lists – I make them for everything. Things like my daily routine, my weekend "to-do" outline, what to bring on a road trip (usually a short list containing: badass playlist, clean underwear, toothbrush, deodorant, phone charger…etc) and the very important list for all of the things needed for a "successful end of the hockey season vacation to the motherland".

The first task in making a list, a lesson handed down to me by my grandfather, is to write at the top of your list, "MAKE LIST". You feel accomplished when, after completing said list, you can immediately cross something off. Productivity is key here. Plus, sometimes the list really is the most important part of any journey.

So, here it is – the first six things written on my list for my upcoming vacation to western Canada to watch the Ducks finish out the season. Feel free to add any suggestions in the comments!

Make list

Power Play

No, it wont matter if the Ducks figure out how scoring on the power play is crucial to success at this point in the season, but that is exactly the reason why I’m making sure I pack it in my suitcase. This is a great time to PRACTICE! A few more blasts from the blueline and a tip here and there from Teemu Selanne will go a long way. Besides, a great power play will really help to ensure other items on my list are used to their best potential!

Jonas Hiller’s Glove-Hand

You saw this save last night, right?

That was a thing of beauty. Even if Hiller doesn’t play in any of the games on the final road trip, just having that glove hand in the arena ought to help the team from a mental standpoint. If there has been one thing to really help propel the Ducks through the final months of the season so that they didn’t look like a COMPLETE embarrassment, it might be that their goaltender overcame a huge sidelining injury to come off as one of their best players of the season. Yes, I, SK admitted that Hiller was one of the seasons MVP’s. I’m definitely bringing that with me on this trip.

Teemu Selanne’s Ladder of Success

He’s bound to surpass SOMEONE on SOME list in these final few games of the regular season. With each game is another opportunity to make that happen and having the chance to see the feats of greatness live and in person is always an amazing experience. It seems that every point in every scenario is another milestone for the Finnish Flash and an experience for every fan to cherish. Five more years, bud.

Corey Perry’s Quest for 40

I don’t care if he doesn’t know the rule regarding intentionally knocking the goal off it’s moorings while the net is empty, he’s only 4 goals away from 40 and I would be thrilled if he were to make that happen. He’s far from the pace he had last season in terms of points, but there is no doubting Perry is a force to be reckoned with. His passion and love for the game is different version than that of Selanne’s, but it’s still a driving factor for the winger who clearly loves to win. Watching Perry play a few more games is all right with me.

The Power of the Upset

The Ducks are completely out of the running for the post season, but they have an awesome opportunity to upset a few teams on the bubble. I would love nothing more than to see the Ducks pick up these final 10 points and contribute significantly to the hurt of teams like Phoenix and Calgary. HOWEVER…I’d rather watch from afar as the Sharks continue their quest for an earlier than usual departure and cross my fingers for the Kings to end up sitting just outside of the playoff picture as well (I’d love this even more as this morning I got an email from Ticketmaster regarding Kings playoff tickets – seriously?!). So, if that means the Ducks have to lose a few games to ensure the playoff picture ends the way I’d like it, so be it.

I’m still gladly taking suggestions on what to see and do while I’m in Canada, and any suggestions on where to eat, grab a drink or foods that I must try are also greatly appreciated.

It’s been one hell of a season for this Anaheim team, but damn…I’m going to miss these Ducks for the next 180+ days (yes, I’ve already done a rough estimate to prepare for my annual countdown to hockey season).

Always…GO DUCKS!!!