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Playoff Hopes Slim in Ducks 4-2 Loss to Kings

The Ducks dropped a tough 3-2 decision to the Kings Saturday night. This isn't the final nail in their coffin, but they're going to need some Beatrix Kiddo style effort to get into the Western Conference's top 8. At one point during the broadcast, the Ducks chance of making the postseason was listed at 2.2 %. A number I am sure has gone down after this regulation loss. Another thing mentioned during the broadcast was that Boudreau thought the Ducks could lose two more games from here on out if they were going to make a serious run. Well, they can lose one now.

I'm not going to go into my usual tirades about Bob Murray, but I will say this was an exhausted team that got no help coming out of the deadline. They'd put together a historic run and were rewarded with...with...nothing. The market played a huge factor in this, I mean if the Ducks weren't selling than who was. Still, I can't help but think that something should have been done. Especially when I watch Jason Blake play. Good/Bad/Ugly after the jump.

The Good

DEVO, DEVO, DEVO: This little wrecking ball slipped the puck tweeners, thanks Mr. Fox, for what was probably the highlight of the night. There's something about young guys having an impact that makes it easier to get through a losing season. I love DSP's game and seeing him rewarded tonight was great, even if it was kind of a soft goal.

Getzlaf: A quick glance at the box score will reveal a pretty unimpressive night for Getzlaf. He was a -1 with 2 hits and went 50% in the dot. Still, the way he's gotten the legs turning recently has been inspired. The scoring isn't there, but he's starting to play more like the captain we'd envisioned. He definitely has confidence issues right now, but he's putting his head down and playing through. I like that.

Selanne: I don't know why Selanne isn't on every good list. He should be here on General Principle

Top 10 draft pick?: Maybe it's just me, you know because I have to write about it every summer, but trying to figure out which guy in the 15-30 range will catch the Ducks' eye is an aggravating task. I want to pay attention to top 10 players. Guys who have detailed scouting reports, highlight reels and articles written about them that will help me better understand their respective games. Next week, I'm writing about Matt Dumba, because the Ducks HAVE to draft him. The season isn't over, but I think this will be one of the more interesting ones since I've started blogging. I think that's a good.

The Bad

The PP: At this point, calling it ugly just seems mean and unnecessary, so I'll call it bad. I'm sure we've been potting them occasionally, but I can't remember when. There is the occasional scoring chance, but the puck just doesn't seem to want to go in. I suppose the PP problems are also the offense's problems. After posting 3 goals a game for that wild January-February stretch, the Ducks seem to have trouble finding the back of the net.

The Trade Deadline: Maybe this has nothing to do with tonight's game, but this team has dropped 3 of 4 since the deadline. I'm not saying it's Murray's fault. I'm not saying It's Boudreau's fault; I'm not even saying it's the players fault. I am saying that the deadline did something to mess with everybody's magumbo.

Lubo: I think Lubo just had a bad game. He was a -2, worst on the team tonight, and couldn't seem to get anything going. I saw pucks jump on him, shots go wide, and he seemed to be making poor decisions all night. I remember him trying to hand pass in his own zone instead of plucking the puck out of the air and dropping it to his stick, like he always does. Something about Lubo seemed off tonight, and that's not good for the Ducks.

The Ugly.

Bobby Ryan can't pass to Teemu: Every time I see them on a 2-on-1 I know one of two things will happen. If Selanne is leading the rush, he will slip the puck to Bobby and Bobby will score. If Bobby is leading the rush, he will hold, and hold, and wait for something to ruin the scoring opportunity. At one point in the third period, Bobby had Teemu along the boards behind the goal line, about 10 feet away, and he whipped the puck passed him and up to the half boards. I have no idea why this happens, but Bobby Ryan is allergic to passsing to Teemu Selanne. It's the craziest thing I've ever seen in my life. He can feed Koivu one timers like Koivu was Dom DeLuise in History of the World Part 1, but he just can't get the puck to Teemu

Playoffs: It's really just a fool's hope now. I'm not exactly the brightest crayon in the box, so I'll probably keep watching games and holding out hope. Still, dropping a game in regulation to a team that's ahead of you is simply unacceptable given the situation. It doesn't matter how well you play right now; all that matters are the wins. The Ducks dropped a huge 2 points tonight.