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Goals from Ryan, Perry lift Anaheim past Edmonton in 4-2 Victory

It was about 1/4 of the way through the second period when I said outloud, "If we look back in two weeks and say that the 14th place Edmonton Oilers were the team to dash our hopes, I'm going to be effin pissed!"

Thankfully, despite their ridiculous desire to not play at all during the second period of the game, Anaheim managed to eek out just enough offense to get the job done this evening and keep the drive for the post season alive.

With a bit of persistence and some high flying tricks, the big boys responded the way we need them to in order to secure a victory. While it's possible that the requirement to play every game as if it were a game 7 scenario might be taking a toll on the team, they're still showing just enough heart to get the job done.

That ketchup bottle isn't empty yet.


I don't know if it really matters how they get it done, it was nice to see Corey Perry and Bobby Ryan shake off some of that snakebitten dust.

Perry's emotions are so refreshing to me. The fact that he shows his ups and downs on the ice is something I've always enjoyed from the superstar. He seems the type of player to continue in this league for as long as possible simply because he loves playing the game. 200 career goals is not so shabby on the resume either.

Ryan's highflying goal was a highlight moment in and of itself. It figures it would come on a night where the debate between myself and my uncle includes whether or not Ryan is a "selfish" type of player. An assist on Jason Blakes goal and his own breakaway superman stunt definitely deserved a few high fives.

In keeping with the superstar theme, I love every opportunity to celebrate another Teemu Selanne milestone.

Ryan Getzlaf may not be getting the points but I am grateful for the hustle and execution I've been seeing from him lately. Getzlaf 2012 > Getzlaf 2010 and 2011

Ryan "give it up" Whitney is still as reliable as ever and Perry's empty net goal is thankful for that. In addition, Andy Sutton is still basically a waste of space on the ice. Thankfully, they no longer wear Ducks jerseys.

Saku Koivu's 79% (11-14) in the circle is something we should be expecting from all of our centers...WHY NOT?!


In retrospect, Nick Bonino's 14% (1-7) on the dot is embarrassing.

The refs sure let these two teams play. And then managed to call some of the weirdest penalties of the night.

The power play still makes me want to vomit. Bruce Boudreau should threaten to decline all of the man advantage opportunities.


Anaheim still forgets that whole "hockey is 60 minutes" thing. I'm not sure where the team went during the second period, but giving up 22 shots (to Anaheim's 8) is going to eventually result in a goal. It only took Edmonton over 19:00 minutes to get it done, but persistence paid off. Better teams are going to make you pay for that lazy period.

I don't care what it looked like...they won. 2 points is 2 points.