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The Ducks Will Select 6th in the NHL Entry Draft

Tonight the NHL held it's annual entry draft lottery. Prior to the draft, the Ducks had the 6th overall pick in the lottery with a 6.1% chance to move up a maximum of four spaces. After the lottery, the Ducks will pick...6th! Shock me, shock me.

The Edmonton Oilers won the draft lottery and for the third straight season, they will be picking first. They'll likely go with expected #1 overall Nail Yakupov. Ahead of the Ducks will be the following: #5 - Toronto, #4 - New York Islanders, #3 - Montreal, #2 - Columbus #1 - Edmonton.

TSN's Craig Button projects that the Ducks will use their #6 pick to go with RW Teuvo Teravainun from Jokerit in Finland. As seems to be the trend - FINN FOR THE WIN!

Anyone else a little concerned that Toronto is ahead of us? I always worry that Brian Burke is going to sell Bob Murray the #5 pick and a bag of 'magic beans' for Corey Perry, Emerson Etem, and Jonas Hiller. Just sayin' he's pulled the wool over our eyes before!