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Here we go! Another day of awesome playoff action.

Last night was pretty incredible: Dustin Penner scores his only goal of the playoffs (bold prediction); if you want to slam Henrik Zetterberg's head into the boards, it will only cost you $2500 and there are no repercussions; and the Penguins looked like the Ducks last night!

Before you do anything else - help Robby out! Vote for you want to win the playoffs on his company's website. Dooo it!

GAME 1: Ottawa Senators at New York Rangers, 4:00PM on CBC, NHLN-US, RDS, and MSG (HD).

Our series predictions:

#1 New York vs. #8 Ottawa
Winner # of Games
Jen New York 4
Robby New York 5
Daniel New York 7
Kristen New York 6
Sara New York 6
Chris New York 5
Justin New York 6
Kevin New York 5

GAME 2: Washington Capitals at Boston Bruins, 4:30PM on CBC, NBCSN, RDS2, CSN-MA (HD) & NESN (HD). Our Predictions:

#2 Boston vs. #7 Washington
Winner # of Games
Jen Boston 6
Robby Boston 5
Daniel Washington 7
Kristen Boston 4
Sara Boston 5
Chris Boston 7
Justin Washington 7
Kevin Boston 7

GAME 3: San Jose Sharks at St. Louis Blues, 4:30PM on TSN, CNBC, RDSI, CSN-CA (HD) & FS-MW (HD)

#2 St. Louis vs. #7 San Jose
Winner # of Games
Jen St. Louis 6
Robby St. Louis 7
Daniel St. Louis 5
Kristen St. Louis 5
Sara St. Louis 6
Chris St. Louis 6
Justin St. Louis 5
Kevin San Jose 7

GAME 4: Chicago Blackhawks at Phoenix Coyotes, 7:00PM on TSN, NBCSN, RDS, CSN-CH (HD) & FS-A PLUS (HD). Our Predictions:

#3 Phoenix vs. #6 Chicago
Winner # of Games
Jen Chicago 5
Robby Phoenix 7
Daniel Phoenix 6
Kristen Chicago 6
Sara Chicago 7
Chris Chicago 6
Justin Chicago 7
Kevin Chicago 4