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Passive Aggressive Playoffs: NJD/FLA, DET/NSH, PIT/PHI & LAK/VAN, Whatever, It's Cool

I've decided to take a passive aggressive approach to this year's playoffs. I have a hard time getting emotional for everyone else when my team is playing. Instead I want to make them feel bad for me...

Yeah, my team isn't the playoffs. No, it's ok. Go watch your team. It's fine. I'll just sit here alone watching the games, which I'm totally cool with. You should enjoy being able to still watch your team play. (Sigh.) On to the games, whatever.

GAME 1: #6 New Jersey Devils at #3 Florida Panthers at 4:00PM on TSN, NHLN-US, RDSI, MSG PLUS (HD), FS-F (HD). SBN Blogs: In Lou We Trust & Litter Box Cats.

#3 Florida vs. #6 New Jersey
Winner # of Games
Jen New Jersey 5
Robby Florida 7
Daniel Florida 6
Kristen Florida 6
Sara New Jersey 5
Chris New Jersey 5
Justin New Jersey 5
Kevin New Jersey 6

GAME 2: #5 Philadelphia Flyers at #4 Pittsburgh Penguins at 4:00PM on TSN, NBCSN, RDS, CSN-PH (HD), ROOT (HD). SBN Blogs: Broad Street Hockey & PensBurgh

Series Record & Storyline: Philly 1 - Pitt 0. Can the Penguins rebound after losing a 3-0 lead to Philly? BTW, in the 8 games played between the two teams at Consol Energy Center, Philly has won 7 (!!!) of the games.

GAME 3: #5 Detroit Red Wings at #4 Nashville Predators at 4:30PM on CBC, CNBC, RDS2, FS-D (HD), SPSO (HD). SBN Blogs: Winging It In Motown & On the Forecheck

Series Record & Storyline: Smashville 1 - Evil Empire 0. Uh, Shea Weber, duh.

GAME 4: #8 Los Angeles Kings at #1 Vancouver Canucks at 7:00PM on CBC, NBCSN, RDS, KCOP-13 (HD). SBN Blogs: Jewels From The Crown, Battle of California & Nucks Misconduct.

Series Record & Storyline: Drama Queens 1 - Nucks - 0. Where to start? Dustin Penner remembered how to score. The LA Kings Social Media Guy should be fired/written up/maple syrup'ed and feathered. Ballroom Bitz (Who? Exactly.) has been suspended for his hit on the zombie Kyle Clifford. No go for creepy twin Daniel Sedin.