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Lazy Playoff Sunday Thread: NSH/DET, PIT/PHI, NJD/FLA & LAK/VAN

How many of you sat around on Saturday watching hockey all day? Me too. It was awesome, so let's do it again! Just put on pants this time.

GAME 1: Nashville Predators at Detroit Red Wings, 9:00AM on CBC, NBC, RDS.

SBN Blogs: On the Forecheck & Winging It In Motown

Series Record & Storyline: Predators 1 - Aliens 1. Shea Weber continues to be the topic of conversation, especially now that more head shots have taken place in other games. People are curious to see how Brendan Shanahan will react after the public outcry over the mismanagement of the Weber incident. Weber and Todd Bertuzzi fought in the previous game and that will likely be the end of that. It will be physical, but probably not many fights. I haven't even mentioned that this is the first game at The Joe. I hear they're pretty good there...


GAME 2: Pittsburgh Penguins at Philadelphia Flyers, 12:00PM on NBC, TSN, RDS

SBN Blogs: PensBurgh & Broad Street Hockey

Series Record & Storyline: Cheese-steaks 2 - Primanti Bros 0. The Penguins are doing their best impression of the Ducks by losing big leads and then getting spanked the rest of the game. In what was thought to be a tough, even series, is completely the opposite. The Pens are their worst enemy and Marc-Andre Fleury isn't making life any easier for them. Philly has no reason to believe that they can't close out this series at home over the next two games.


GAME 3: New Jersey Devils at Florida Panthers, 4:30PM on TSN, NBCSN, RDS, MSG PLUS (HD)

SBN Blogs: In Lou We Trust & Litter Box Cats

Series Record & Storyline: Zach Parise 1 - Kitties 0. To be honest, I didn't watch very much of this game. When I did, I was surprised by all the players that I had no idea were on the Panthers. The Devils live and die by Martin Brodeur - end of story.


GAME 4: Vancouver Canucks at Los Angeles Kings, 7:30PM on CBC, NBCSN, RDS, FS-W (HD)

SBN Blogs: Jewels From The Crown, Nucks Misconduct & Battle of California

Series Record & Storyline: America 2 - Canada 0. I knew the Kings would put up a fight and Jonathan Quick would carry them, but I had no idea that they were going to dominate the Canucks. These are the same 'Nucks that won the President's Trophy this season, and the same Kings that could barely score goals during the season. Just another reason why the playoffs are so great - expect the unexpected...if it means the Kings are going to win the series (shudder).