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Ding Dong the Sharks Are Dead Playoff Thread: PIT/PHI, WSH/BOS & LAK/VAN

Once again, the Sharks disappoint their fans. Look for big changes in that organization (firings, trades, etc.). Here's how we predicted this series would end up:

#2 St. Louis vs. #7 San Jose
Winner # of Games
Jen St. Louis 6
Robby St. Louis 7
Daniel St. Louis 5
Kristen St. Louis 5
Sara St. Louis 6
Chris St. Louis 6
Justin St. Louis 5
Kevin San Jose 7


GAME 1: Pittsburgh Penguins at Philadelphia Flyers at 9:00AM on NBC, TSN, RDS

SBN Sites: PensBurgh & Broad Street Hockey

Series Record & Storyline(s): Rocky 3 - Andy Warhol 2. Oooh boy, this series has been AWESOME. I don't know if the rest of the playoffs can live up to the drama of this series. The Penguins have turned into what Philly was at the beginning of this series - confident, cocky, and good. They seem to play their best hockey when the end of the line is near. The Pens know they can win in Philly and take pleasure in shutting up the Philly crowd. As long as the Pens can give Marc-Andre Fleury a very comfortable cushion, they could very well turn this series into a necessary Game 7.

Update: Well that was nothing like I thought it could be. Once again, this is how we predicted this series:

#4 Pittsburgh vs. #5 Philadelphia
Winner # of Games
Jen Pittsburgh 7
Robby Pittsburgh 6
Daniel Philadelphia 6
Kristen Philadelphia 7
Sara Pittsburgh 6
Chris Pittsburgh 7
Justin Pittsburgh 7
Kevin Pittsburgh 7


GAME 2: Boston Bruins at Washington Capitals at 12:00PM on NBC, RDS, CBC

SBN Sites: Stanley Cup of Chowder & Japers' Rink

Series Record: The Fed 3 - Tim's Tea Party 2


GAME 3: Los Angeles Kings at Vancouver Canucks at 5:00PM on CBC, NBCSN, RDS, FS-W (HD)

SBN Sites: Nucks Misconduct, Jewels From The Crown & Battle of California

Series Record: Say It Ain't So 3 - Go 'Nucks Go 1 (Thanks, Kid)


AC Staff Predictions Tracker! With three series in the books, Daniel leads us with 4 points. Kristen is not too far behind with 3 points.

Correct Predictions
Team # of Games* Total Correct
Jen 2 0 2
Robby 1 0 1
Daniel 2 2 4
Kristen 2 1 3
Sara 1 0 1
Chris 2 0 2
Justin 1 1 2
Kevin 1 0 1
*Must Predict Winner to Get Credit for Correct Number of Games