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Only One Game Today? Playoff Thread: FLA/NJD

Does anyone think like me and always forget about the Phoenix Coyotes? If I'm asked to rattle off the names of the Pacific Division teams, Phoenix is the last one I name (after a bit of struggle, sadly). After beating overwhelming favorite Chicago, they're the 'feel good' story of these playoffs. They won their first Pacific Division title. This is the first ever playoff-series win in the looong career or Duck-Hunter Shane Doan. The Coyotes, as a franchise, have no idea if they're even going to exist when a season ends and are currently owned by the NHL.

I kinda want to root for them, but I realize that Chicago is a cakewalk compared to what they're about to face in Nashville. I also realize that they could be a step closer to the worst possible Stanley Cup Final - Phoenix vs. Florida. Anyway, here's a reminder of our picks for the series and the current tally. Professor of the Dark Arts, Daniel, is in the lead with seven correct picks.

#3 Phoenix vs. #6 Chicago Correct Predictions
Winner # of Games Team # of Games* Total Correct
Jen Chicago 5 Jen 2 0 2
Robby Phoenix 7 Robby 2 0 2
Daniel Phoenix 6 Daniel 4 3 7
Kristen Chicago 6 Kristen 2 1 3
Sara Chicago 7 Sara 1 0 1
Chris Chicago 6 Chris 2 0 2
Justin Chicago 7 Justin 2 1 3
Kevin Chicago 4 Kevin 1 0 1
*Must Predict Winner to Get Credit for Correct Number of Games


GAME 1: Florida Panthers at New Jersey Devils, 4:30PM on NBCSN, TSN, RDS, MSG PLUS (HD)

SBN Sites: Litter Box Cats & In Lou We Trust

Series Record & Storyline(s): Florida Has a Hockey Team? 3 - Come to So Cal, Zach 2. Bottom line is that New Jersey needs to stop playing like crap if they have any hope of extending their season. Martin Brodeur can't afford to have an off night, and they can't commit penalties - AT ALL. Their penalty kill went from #1 in the regular season to third from last amongst all playoff teams with a 68% success rate. Terrible.