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Andy McDonald, Meet Gift Horse

And that's for the fans!
And that's for the fans!

"I think L.A.'s a lot different than Anaheim was, they seem to have a really large fan base," McDonald said. "Their building's extremely loud. I thought with Anaheim when we went to the playoffs it was great, but in the regular season. ... I don't know how many times we sold out."

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That, my fellow Ducks fans, is a quote from one Andy McDonald in an article written by Norm Sanders for

I have to start off by saying that I am a HUGE Andy McDonald fan. I have his jersey from The Cup year and I was devastated when he was traded. When I first read this, I was a little hurt considering the history McDonald has with the Ducks.

Andy Mac was signed out of Colgate University as a free agent in 2000. It took a while for him to stick with the big club, but when he did, he became an amazing compliment to Teemu Selanne. Those two were one of the many reasons the Ducks became Stanley Cup champions. Following that awesome run, McDonald was traded to the St. Louis Blues for Doug Weight, left wing Michael Birner (who??), and a 7th round pick in the 2008 draft (pick later traded to LA, of all places, for goalie Jean-Sebastien Aubin). I would say that 95% of fans were not happy with this trade. In the eyes of then-GM Brian Burke, it was necessary. He needed to pull back on the spending, and following the conclusion of the 2008-2009 season, McDonald was rightfully owed a very large raise.

No matter the economics of the deal, a trade away from the team you grew up with is never easy. I can understand McDonald might still be wincing after all of that; however, he needs to get his facts straight. In the chart below, provided by the Ducks, in an announcement of a complete sell out of the 2007-2008 season - while Andy was still a Duck. The seasons in bold italics are those in which Andy McDonald was under contract - at whatever level - with Anaheim. (The percentages relate to capacity of Ponda Center.)

-----------------------HOME GAMES---------------------------
Season Games Total Attendance (Avg.) Percent Sellouts

1993-94^ 41 696,560 (16,989) 98.9% 27
1994-95* 24 412,176 (17,174) 100.0% 24
1995-96 41 703,347 (17,155) 99.9% 38
1996-97 41 695,867 (16,972) 98.8% 28
1997-98+ 40 682,735 (17,068) 99.4% 25
1998-99 41 647,973 (15,804) 92.0% 9
1999-00 41 592,874 (14,460) 84.2% 8
2000-01 41 553,990 (13,512) 78.7% 3
2001-02 41 492,089 (12,002) 69.9% 3
2002-03 41 573,524 (13,988) 81.5% 7
2003-04 41 614,504 (14,988) 87.3% 11
2005-06 41 620,380 (15,131) 88.1% 12
2006-07 41 671,916 (16,377) 95.4% 25

2007-08~ 40 687,718 (17,193) 100.1% 40
Totals 555 8,645,653 (15,578) 90.7% 260

He's right, those shitty years pre-lockout were pretty bad and the first year after the lockout wasn't great as well. For a fan base that is largely seen as apathetic and respond only when the team wins, this is pretty good. Our fans are just as fair-weathered as the Kings fans and I will always take offense with being compared to them. Two totally different markets.

Hmm...maybe we weren't as loud because Andy had his Stanley Cup ring stuck in his ear the year after he won it. And what he has heard in LA wasn't cheers, but wailing from a fanbase that hasn't won a Cup in their entire existence.

So, to answer your question Andy, in your final full season with Anaheim, you sold out every game.