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Western Conference Semi-Fi..zzzzzz Playoff Thread: NSH/PHX

There is no way the semi's in the Western Conference are going to be half as exciting as the entire first round, right? Well, at least that's the way it's likely going to go for tonight's game. Pekka Rinne versus Mike Smith (if that's his real name) will have a goaltending duel for the ages! One person that's really excited about this lack of scoring? Chris.

Here's how we picked the series to go! (Kristen is currently out fighting crime or something and her prediction will come later.)

Nashville Predators vs. Phoenix Coyotes
Winner # of Games
Jen Nashville 5
Robby Phoenix 7
Daniel Phoenix 6
Sara Phoenix 6
Chris Nashville 6
Justin Nashville 5
Kevin Nashville 5

GAME 1: Nashville Predators at Phoenix Coyotes, 6:00PM on NBCSN, TSN

SBN Sites: Five For Howling & On the Forecheck


Listen to the Crunch game here! As I write, the Ducklings are tied 3-3 with St. John's in a possible elimination game for the kids. It's kinda crazy to hear Emerson Etem's name thrown in with Kyle Palmieri and Brandon McMillan. And we know these are the Ducks prospects because they've taken 7 penalties to St. John's 3.

UPDATE: The Ducklings are going in to ooovvvveeerrrrtttiiimmmeee!

FINAL UPDATE: Iceland defeated the Mighty Ducklings in overtime. Considering what it took for the Crunch to get to the playoffs (going 15-3-1-1), I'd say it was a great season. I'm excited to see what these kids can do with the big club next season.