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Saving You From Skin Cancer (Out West) Playoff Thread: WSH/NYR & LAK/STL

You're welcome, West Coast hockey fans. The National Hockey League has decided to air two games almost back-to-back today, so that's a good six to seven hours out of the beautiful 73 degree sunlight of So Cal; therefore, the NHL has saved you from sun-related skin cancer. You're on your own, East Coast.

GAME 1: Washington Capitals at New York Rangers, 12:00PM on NBC, CBC

SBN Sites: Blueshirt Banter & Japers' Rink

Our Series Picks:

Washington Capitals vs. New York Rangers
Winner # of Games
Jen New York 7
Robby Washington 5
Daniel Washington 6
Kristen Washington 6
Sara New York 7
Chris New York 7
Justin Washington 6
Kevin New York 6


GAME 2: Los Angeles Kings (I fart in their general direction!) at St. Louis Blues, 4:30PM on NBCSN, TSN

SBN Sites: St. Louis Game Time, Jewels From The Crown & Battle of California

Our Series Picks:

St. Louis Blues vs. LA Kings
Winner # of Games
Jen St. Louis 6
Robby St. Louis 4
Daniel St. Louis 5
Kristen St. Louis 6
Sara St. Louis 6
Chris St. Louis 7
Justin Los Angeles 7
Kevin St. Louis 6