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Help Me, Help You Playoff Thread: WSH/NYR & LAK/STL

Hey! I need your help! Give me ideas of what I should talk about in the next ACTV video. If you have questions you want answered or a topic you want covered, put it in the thread. I'll give you credit in the video for helping me out. Thanks!


GAME 1: Washington Capitals at New York Rangers, 4:30PM on CBC, NBCSN, RDS

SBN Sites: Blueshirt Banter & Japers' Rink

Series Record & Storyline(s): Broadway 1 - Beltway 0. Have you seen this boy?

Alex Ovechkin

#8 / Left Wing / Washington Capitals



Sep 17, 1985

He seems to have gone missing when his team desperately needs him to be at least a tiny sliver of his former self.


GAME 2: Los Angeles Kings at St. Louis Blues, 6:00PM on TSN, CNBC, RDSI

SBN Sites: St. Louis Game Time, Jewels From The Crown & Battle of California

Series Record & Storyline(s): Vegans 1 - Carnivores 0. One moment please: WHY GOD?! WHY?! WAAAHHHH. Ok, all better. Are the Kings seriously for real? Lord, I hope not. Vezina nominee (and my pick for winner) Jonathan Quick is for real and he is what stands between a win and a loss. If the Blues can beat Quick, they've got a decent chance at winning; however, they need to be more physical than Los Angeles and not just against their stars. This entire team can score - even Dustin Penner. I have no doubt that Jack Adams' nominee (and should be winner) Ken Hitchcock will have made the necessary adjustments to adjust to LA's game and we should see the Blues we're used to tonight.