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Very Nice World Championship Thread: USA vs Kazakhstan & Canada vs Finland

Two games today with our boys in them: Team America vs. Team Kazakhstan at 6:15AM PST and Team Canada vs. Team Finland at 10:15AM PST. I believe both games are on TSN in Canada. Team USA's game will be on NBC Sports as usual.

I really recommend watching the USA's game, at least DVR it. Cam Fowler has had a pretty good tournament paired with Jack Johnson. Cam is shooting A LOT more. His shot was one of the things he wanted to focus on in the off-season. When he's more relaxed, like he is in international play, you are reminded at how awesome this kid is going to be.

Finland, Canada, and USA sit first, second and third, respectively, and each are separated by two points in the standings with three more games to go in the preliminary rounds. The top four teams in each group (the other group is playing in Sweden) will go on to the quarter finals.

There may be no Teemu and Saku, but Finland and Canada should be a great game. The Finns have yet to lose in the tournament. Team Canada has one overtime loss to the US. Will the men of Suomi defend the honor of Miss Finland?