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New York State of Mind Playoff Thread: NJD/NYR

Quick Duck Update: I was looking for something to add to this thread and I came across a new feature on the Ducks website. They added an 'Offseason Player Tracker' that gives the contract status of the current roster. Keep in mind that we are still in the 2011-2012 season. This won't change until July 1st.


GAME 1: New Jersey Devils at New York Rangers, 5:00PM on CBC, RDS, NBCSN

SBN Sites: Blueshirt Banter & In Lou We Trust

Series Record & Storyline: Rangers 1 - Devils 0. This isn't a storyline related to the actual game, but I thought this was funny. On Deadspin, they reported that there is a movement underway by Devils fans to not sell tickets to Rangers fans. Our SBN brethren, In Lou We Trust, are supporting the movement. I think this is hilarious. I WISH our fans weren't so apathetic and could pull together to do something like this. Good job, Devils fans. Sorry in advance for taking Zach Parise from you (ha!).