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Courting Zach Parise's Dad Playoff Thread: NYR/NJD

Before I get to the playoff thread, we could all use a little humor in our life. How about a tour of the Ducks locker room hosted by Teemu Selanne and Ryan Getzlaf? For the ladies, I'll throw in a shirtless George Parros. Hell-lo nurse!


GAME 1: New York Rangers at New Jersey Devils, 5:00PM on CBC, RDS, NBCSN

SBN Sites: Blueshirt Banter & In Lou We Trust

Series Record & Storyline: Broadway 2 - Not Broadway 1. A couple days ago, Zach Parise's dad (former NHL-er JP Parise) was reported to have said that his son would be a 'perfect fit' with the Rangers. Naturally, you can imagine the insanity that followed, seeing as Zach is an RFA at the end of this season. The elder Parise has since recanted his statement and claims to have been misquoted. Look, if Papa Parise is doing some location scouting for Zach, I think it's best we throw everything we've got at him. Beaches! No media hassle! In-n-Out! The positives are endless for dear Zach if he chooses Anaheim.