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Sar-cas-tic Clap For The Chang-ing Kings

Since the game ended last night, I've been thinking about what I wanted to say about/to our neighbors to the north and one of the Ducks most hated rivals. I have no words for the Kings winning the West, so I'll let one of the best antagonists in the history of television do it for me. (Formerly Senior) Ben Chang of Community, take it away:

Sar-cas-tic clap for the Kings. Congrats on punching your ticket to the Stanley Cup Final for the first time since 1993.

Damn. That's a long time. We, as a franchise, weren't even born yet. That would be the next season. Funny thing, though. In the years following the Kings last appearance in the SCF, the Ducks have been to the Holy Land - twice. In 2003, 10-years since the Kings loss to Montreal in the SCF, the Mighty Ducks lost to New Jersey in 7-games.

Yeah, yeah, we're not there now. Didn't even make the playoffs, something the Kings barely did if it weren't for the heroics of their goalie. I will give them credit, they have played outstanding ... buuuuut, they haven't won Chang yet.