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Justin Schultz to Leave Wisconsin

UPDATE: May 25th at 4:15PM

Once again, Bob McKenzie takes to Twitter to confirm that Justin Schultz has indeed left WU. It's painfully apparent that Schultz has no desire to play for the team that drafted him. Bob Murray cannot let this kid walk without getting something in return for him.

The Ducks are at the mercy of a kid in his early 20's. We can't trade him without his consent to sign with the team he's being shipped to and we can't sign him.


(No playoff thread today - use the comments if you want to talk about the Devils/Rangers game.)


According to TSN's Bob McKenzie, Ducks highly touted draft pick, defenseman Justin Schultz, has made the decision to leave Wisconsin, thus beginning the Ducks 30-day negotiating window. Here is McKenzie's twitter account breaking down the news:


Daniel posted a really great analysis of the situation back in March. My recommendation to Ducks fans is to start praying to the higher power of your choice that Bob Murray doesn't screw this up.

Will post updates as the story develops...