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Stanley Cup Final Game 1 Thread - Viva Los Diablos!

What? A girl can't support her Alma Mater? I am a proud graduate of Mission Viejo High School - home to the Diablos. HA!

Stanley Cup Final Game 1: Los Angeles Kings at New Jersey Devils, 5:00PM on CBC, NBC (WOW! National broadcast!), RDS

SBN Sites: In Lou We Trust, Jewels From The Crown & Battle of California

This is the first time in my hockey-fan life that I have dreaded a Stanley Cup Final. I make it no secret that I strongly dislike the Kings and I enjoy being able to reference my Stanley Cup as the end all, be all in arguments.

This series makes me nauseous. The Kings are looking good - really good. They've lost two (2!!!) games so far in these playoffs. They're a scrappy, physical, grinding team. You know who else is? The New Jersey Devils. Had the Rangers won, the Kings would have destroyed them, but now there is hope (albeit small) that NJ will put up a fight. Both teams are remarkably similar. The goaltending has been solid, even if Martin Brodeur has had a couple games he'd like to give back. The offense is coming from every line. The big money contract guys are scoring their goals or setting up goals, but it's the 3rd and 4th line scoring that's making the biggest impact. I would say that the one area the Kings have an edge over the Devils is in defense. Drew Doughty might be the NHL's equivalent of a moody 14 year-old girl (I tried to find video of his tantrums), but he's one hell of a hockey player. With his mental state in mind, if the Devils can piss him off enough that he freaks out at the referees or retaliates on a play, he'll be off the ice, giving more room for the super stars.

Should be one hell of a series, at least, I hope it is.


On a non-SCF update: it looks like Hall of Fame defenseman (and most stunningly handsome man alive) Nicklas Lidstrom is going to hang up his skates tomorrow. Positive: the Ducks won't have to face Nicky anymore. Negative: he's the same age as another man contemplating retirement... Let's hope they're not close friends.

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LATE CONFIRMATION FROM DUCKS: Pretty much everyone knows this loooong before the Ducks confirm it, but the team has signed Swedish defenseman Tim Heed (5th round selection in the 2010 draft) to a three-year, entry-level deal. If that doesn't cement the deadness of the Justin Schultz fiasco, I don't know what does.